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Міжнародний туризм в Україні: реальність і перспективи розвитку в умовах воєнного стану

ISSN 2415-363X

Show simple item record Гонта, О. І. Пігуляк, М. 2024-04-18T08:32:56Z 2024-04-18T08:32:56Z 2023
dc.description Гонта, О. Міжнародний туризм в Україні: реальність і перспективи розвитку в умовах воєнного стану / О. Гонта, М. Пігуляк // Проблеми і перспективи економіки та управління. - 2023. - № 3 (35). - С. 61-70. uk_UA
dc.description.abstract Розкрито стан міжнародного туризму напередодні воєнних подій та їхній сучасний вплив на сферу міжнародного туризму. Висвячені історичні аспекти становлення міжнародного туризму в Україні та кардинальна зміна позитивної ситуації після 2014 року. Зроблені висновки, що попри всі обставини, Україна була й залишається привабливою для іноземних туристів. Наголошено, що є потреба в пошуку нових о рганізаційних форм такого туризму з урахуванням вимог безпеки. Зроблені акценти на проблеми формування антикризових бізнес структур з використанням диверсифікованих форм мережевої мікроінтеграції підприємств малого турбізнесу, які потенційно можуть обслуго вувати міжнародні туристичні потоки. uk_UA
dc.language.iso uk uk_UA
dc.publisher Чернігів : НУ "Чернігівська політехніка" uk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseries Проблеми і перспективи економіки та управління;№ 3 (35)
dc.subject international tourism uk_UA
dc.subject martial law uk_UA
dc.subject tourist flows uk_UA
dc.subject tourist networks uk_UA
dc.subject entrepreneurship uk_UA
dc.subject sustainable development of tourism uk_UA
dc.subject small business uk_UA
dc.subject globalization uk_UA
dc.subject міжнародний туризм uk_UA
dc.subject воєнний стан uk_UA
dc.subject туристичні потоки uk_UA
dc.subject туристичні мережі uk_UA
dc.subject підприємництво uk_UA
dc.subject сталий розвиток туризму uk_UA
dc.subject малий бізнес uk_UA
dc.subject глобалізація uk_UA
dc.title Міжнародний туризм в Україні: реальність і перспективи розвитку в умовах воєнного стану uk_UA
dc.title.alternative International tourism in Ukraine: reality and prospects of development under martial law uk_UA
dc.type Article uk_UA
dc.description.abstractalt1 Within the article, the state of the international tourism on the eve of military events and their current impact on the international tourism is revealed. Historical aspects of the international tourism formation in Ukraine and a radical change in the pos itive situation after 2014 are highlighted. It is concluded that despite all circumstances, Ukraine was and remains attractive for foreign tourists. It is proved that the impact of military events in Ukraine on the domestic and global tourism industry is a very relevant area of research, which has both theoretical and practical significance. It is shown that in addition to the required restoration of the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the nation, tourism has serious economic functions related to the development of small businesses, job creation, and general activation of the economic environment of the territories, resulting in stability of tax revenues to the budget. It is noted that a very important point in modern conditions is social responsib ility of representatives of the tourism industry and what role in the voluntary activity was and is played by representatives of the domestic tourism business, and what great importance was their personal contacts with international partners, which logisti cally covered international touristic flows. The factors that currently hinder the development of the inbound tourism under martial law are described, including as follows: military operations on the territory of Ukraine pose a real danger not only for tourists, but also for entire population of Ukraine, especially in the areas of active occupation and military operations; loss of a significant part of the tourist and recreational resource; damage to the infrastructure in the area of military operations; closure of airspace for Civil Aviation; destruction of communication routes on the territory of Ukraine, etc. It is concluded that the tourism industry business in Ukraine cannot only survive in extremely difficult conditions, but also be effective in te rms of the ability to constantly implement the network structures based on flexible micro integration of various enterprises (usually small) related to the tourism business and innovations in this area. It is noted that there is a need to find new organiza tional forms of such tourism, taking into account safety requirements. Emphasis is placed on the problems of forming anti crisis business structures using diversified forms of the network micro integration of small tourist businesses that can potentially s erve international tourist flows uk_UA

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